About NMCL

The NMCL encourages and supports community-based literacy programs and is the New Mexico affiliate and coordinator for the national program ofProLiteracy America, overseeing certification and coordination of its volunteer, tutor trainers.

The NMCL’s core projects include operation of a statewide, toll-free referral, recruitment, and information hotline sponsored by New Mexico’s ABC affiliate,KOAT-TV; administration of the State of New Mexico Literacy Program Appropriation; operation of the New Mexico Literacy Resource Center, as designated by the U.S. Department of Education; and operation of a Literacy Training and Technical Assistance Program providing development opportunities to community-based literacy projects in a wide range of program areas.Since its inception in 1987, more than twenty new literacy projects have been established in New Mexico.  The NMCL conducts an annual survey of literacy programs to assess program needs and trends and maintains a statewide directory of adult education and literacy programs. Currently, the NMCL is serving the following communities.

The NMCL depends upon private donations as well as government funding to conduct its wide ranging development activities.  A Board of Directors serves to keep the NMCL in the forefront of literacy program development. The NMCL enjoys the bipartisan support of state’s Governor and Legislature. The NMCL works with the New Mexico Departments of Workforce Solutions and Corrections, the Higher Education Department , and the Public Education Department. The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and State Library have designated the NMCL as the sole provider of statewide literacy coordination and program enhancement activities.

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