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Volunteer Tutor Orientation – Guidelines


History of program: review of program and its mission

  • The program supports ____ tutor and ____ students
  • The program is nationally accredited by ProLiteracy
  • The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy (NMCL) is the statewide organization for local literacy programs. NMCL also provides our trainers.
  • Review Volunteer Job Description, professional expectations, and reporting requirements
  • Review program policies and procedures
Literacy in Action

Literacy in Action

Basic Literacy or ESL – Basic Literacy tutors are matched one-on-one with students who read at or below a 6th grade level to improve their reading and writing skills.
ESL tutors are matched one-to-one with students needing to learn English (listening and speaking)

Teaching versus tutoring – Teaching follows a curriculum. Tutoring is student centered. It is a collaborative process. Tutors help students reach their individual goals.

What you will learn in training:

  • Student centered
  • Skill development
  • Multiple techniques
  • Student assessment

Tutoring in action:

  • Tutor only in public places (not in private homes)
  • Your first meetings should be getting to know each other
  • Keep in touch with your program if you have any problems/questions
  • Tutor and/or student can be re-matched – no questions asked
  • Program does not give out tutor’s phone number; it is up to you if you want to share it with your student

Activities for volunteer tutors prior to tutor training:

  1. Observing a tutoring session
  2. Reading through their ESL or BL training manuals
  3. Organize a tour of the program’s resource library
  4. Suggest a trip to the public library to browse the adult interest low level books

Other positions that volunteers can fill if tutoring is not a good match.

Determine which kind of tutoring each individual tutor will do.

Wrap-up: Paperwork, reporting sheets, and distribute training books

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