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Specialty Workshops

READING WITH CHILDREN: This 4-hour workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers read with their children in a meaningful way. It is also a way for parents and caregivers to see if they actually need additional help and preparation themselves in order to read to their children. The objectives are as follows: 1) parents and caregivers will receive tips about how to encourage a love of reading in their children; and 2) parents and caregivers who are not able to read well enough can receive assistance so they are not embarassed about reading to their children.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION: This 2-hour workshop is for students who feel they need help understanding bank transactions, credit cards, checking accounts, and family budgets.

STARTING AN ESL CONVERSATION GROUP: This is an excellent 2-hour volunteer training for programs who want to encourage ESL students to practice English conversation in a structured way.

LEARNING ABOUT LEARNING STYLES: People don’t all learn the same way! This 2-hour workshop will reveal things you didn’t know about yourself! It is a good workshop for volunteer tutors who work with adult learners. Parents and caregivers might enjoy finding out about all the different ways people learn too. If children are having trouble in school, it may be because they aren’t being taught for their learning style.

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