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Board of Directors and Program Management

Note: All NMCL facilitated activities with Boards of Directors are considered confidential, and after initially setting up the contract, NMCL does not receive information as to what occurs. Details of matters addressed in these sessions are not shared with NMCL staff unless requested by the Board.

FULL BOARD TRAINING: using ProLiteracy 50/50 Management applications (good for any volunteer-based community literacy organization), this training takes one day and covers all aspects of board responsibility, program coordinator or director responsibilities, program management, and goal setting strategies. It is perfect for a board retreat with those who have not received the training previously. This training will provide a sense of ownership and team spirit within your board membership.

SPECIAL FOCUS SESSIONS: (All based on ProLiteracy 50/50 Program Management theory)


CONSULTATION: One or more of our board training teams will look at your issues and find ways through effective program management to remedy problems that hold your program back.

PROLITERACY ACCREDITATION & RE-ACCREDITATION CONSULTATION AND MOCK-SITE REVIEW: Using ProLiteracy approved mock-site reviewers, we have someone consult with your program to prepare for ProLiteracy accreditation and re-accreditation. Service includes advance consultation with the mock-site reviewer and a mock-site visit to better prepare programs for electronic and in-person site reviews.

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