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Literacy Directory

Welcome to the New Mexico literacy directory! In this directory, you will see that there are over two hundred New Mexico communities offering literacy and educational services and programs. In some communities, that service is provided by one volunteer tutor teaching one adult student. In others, classes are offered more or less continuously throughout the year. Most communities with two-year post secondary schools have continuous daytime and evening classes, teachers, and computer centers.

You may use this directory to learn the  find a local program near you:

Learn to Read

An alphabetical listing of literacy programs by community with detailed information about each program.

Statewide Programs

A listing of statewide programs that aid the development and delivery of literacy services in New Mexico.

Abbreviations & Definitions Used in the Directory

As with any field, adult literacy and basic education has its own terminology. Abbreviations and definitions you may find in this directory are listed here.

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