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PROGRAM NAME: Adult Basic Education: ENMU – Roswell

CONTACT: Hilda Pacheco-Peeples, ABE Interim Director

PROGRAM PHONE: (575) 624-7271


FAX: (575) 624-7377

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 52 University Boulevard, Roswell, NM 88202

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 6000, Roswell, NM 88202-6000

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Adult Basic Education program in a community/branch college.

SERVICES OFFERED: Family literacy, small group instruction in English as a Second Language; Classes include: group literacy, ABE, U.S. citizenship, High School Equivalency preparation, computer literacy, keyboarding, pre-vocational, life skills, and college preparatory.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Coordinates with Home Education Livelihood Program, Early Childhood Center, Head Start, Roswell Independent School District, Counseling Associates, CYFD, JPPO, CASA, Boys & Girls Club, and New Mexico Forum for Youth.

SPECIAL POPULATIONS: Outreach: NM Works, National Guard Youth Challenges, drop-outs, Juvenile Detention Center, New Mexico Rehab Center, Chavez County Detention Center, long term suspension, and International Law Enforcement Academy.

COMMUNITIES SERVED: Roswell, Dexter, Ft. Sumner, and Portales.

PROGRAM NAME: Roswell Literacy Council, Inc.

CONTACT: Dr. Andrae England, Director

PROGRAM PHONE: (575) 625-1369


CONTACT: Lily Renteria, Office Coordinator

FAX: (575) 622-8280


PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 609 W. 10th St., Roswell, NM 88201

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Volunteer tutor literacy program and an member of ProLiteracy.

SERVICES OFFERED: One-on-one and small group instruction in basic literacy, English as an additional language, citizenship/civics education, math, High School Equivalency, workplace literacy, Listening Lab site for Chaves County residents for auditory processing development. Tutoring with Literacy and ESOL computer lab. Programs currently offered include workplace specific literacy for ESOL, tutoring at-risk youth at New Mexico Youth Challenge Academy.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Roswell Literacy Council provides support for tutors with a training team that provides combined Basic Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages training in a combined Day 1 and then separate strategies and planning in separate second days on subsequent Saturdays twice a year unless there is identified community need for additional training.  Tutor professional development is offered as needed.  Health Literacy is one component of additional competency that can be provided.  Learners are notified of community Financial Management workshops.

COMMUNITIES SERVED: Roswell, Dexter, Hagerman  (Chaves County).


CONTACT: Monica Hernandez

PROGRAM PHONE: (575) 208-0997


FAX: (575) 624-2085


PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 500 N. Main, Roswell, NM 88201

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Community-based organization.

SERVICES OFFERED: Workforce training programs for migrant/seasonal farm workers, and emergency assistance.

Classes Include: English as a Second Language, High School Equivalency preparation, and labor market orientation. Adult Basic Education referrals and work experience or on the job training are offered.

Other trainings offered: financial literacy, career exploration, WRAT-TABE, classroom, pesticide/heat stress.   See the web site for a complete listing of HELP New Mexico services.

Other trainings offered:  financial literacy, career exploration, WRAT-TABE, classroom, pesticide/heat stress.    See the web site for a complete listing of HELP New Mexico services.


PROGRAM NAME: Home Education Livelihood Program (HELP – Roswell)

CONTACT: Veronica Alonzo, Regional Manager

PROGRAM PHONE: (575) 627-5815


FAX: (575) 627-5822


PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 2110 S. Main, Roswell, NM 88203

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Community-based organization.

SERVICES OFFERED: On-the-job training for adults and youth, emergency assistance for migrant/seasonal, farm workers, and childcare food program.  Year-round youth program providing work experience, classroom training, life skills, occupational training, and supportive services.

SPECIAL POPULATIONS: Migrant/seasonal, farm workers and WIA between the ages of 16-21 at risk youth.

COMMUNITIES SERVED: Chavez Co., Lake Arthur – Roosevelt, Lea and Curry Counties, Eddy, Harding, La Union, Quay, and Guadalupe.

PROGRAM NAME: Roswell Correctional Facility

CONTACT: Sharon Steen

PROGRAM PHONE: (575) 625-3168


FAX: (575) 625-3172

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 578 W. Chickasaw Road, Hagerman, NM 88232

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Adult Basic Education program in a correctional facility.

SERVICES OFFERED: ABE, ESL, and High School Equivalency preparation classes; life skills, pre-release program, vocational training, school/release ENMU-R, and college preparation.

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