New Mexico Coalition for LiteracyNew Mexico Coalition for Literacy

The vision of the NMCL is that all New Mexico adults can read and write.

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Regional Workshop Conferences

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Literacy in Action!Literacy in Action!The NMCL chooses various regions of the state each year in which to present a Saturday of six to eight workshops offered to literacy program volunteers, boards, and staff, as well as to other types of programs and community colleges in the surrounding area. The multiple workshops run simultaneously with a hosted mid-day lunch. The day usually begins at 9:00 and ends at 3:00, allowing everyone to travel home the same day. NMCL pays mileage to those who carpool from outside the host city. These events offer an excellent opportunity for programs to re-certify tutors each year. There is no charge or registration fee. See our Training Schedule for the latest Regional Workshop Conference.

Some workshops include:

  • Community Outreach Workshop
  • Using the ESLOA and READ assessments
  • ESL brush-up for trained tutors
  • Basic Literacy brush-up for trained tutors
  • Technology and Literacy
  • Starting an ESL conversation group
  • Working with pre-GED learners
  • Practical ways to work with LD learners
  • Citizenship
  • Writing Activities
  • Litstart Workshop

…and many more specialty workshops designed to enrich tutors, teachers, board, and staff who need some support and fresh ideas.