New Mexico Coalition for LiteracyNew Mexico Coalition for Literacy

The vision of the NMCL is that all New Mexico adults can read and write.

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New Mexico Adult Education Association

The NMCL works with the New Mexico Adult Education Association to streamline services to adults and refers higher level students to Adult Basic Education providers. As the former professional development coordinator for ABE, the NMCL continues to welcome future partnerships with this professional organization for adult literacy providers.


New Mexico Corrections Department

The NMCL is a founding member of the New Mexico Corrections Department’s Education Bureau's Literacy Task Force, and helps to train inmate to inmate volunteer tutors in various New Mexico Correctional Facilities. New Mexico Corrections Department

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

The NMCL has done a number of special projects for the NM Department of Labor and the NMCL supports local programs in their projects with WIA. This firmly demonstrates the necessary connection between literacy and employment. NMDWS

New Mexico Higher Education Department

Adult Basic Education in New Mexico is administered by the New Mexico Higher Education Department. The NMCL works closely with Adult Basic Education in New Mexico, providing professional development opportunities and technical assistance to ABE educators and administrators throughout our state. hed


The NMCL is proud to serve as the NM State Office for ProLiteracy, which is the national and international organization working to support literacy development in the U.S. and worldwide. Throughout the years, the NMCL has worked with ProLiteracy on a number of special projects, such as the Spanish Literacy tutor training with founder, Ruth J. Colvin.  At present, the NMCL provides ProLiteracy certified tutor training statewide. ProLiteracy