New Mexico Coalition for LiteracyNew Mexico Coalition for Literacy

The vision of the NMCL is that all New Mexico adults can read and write.

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Distinguished Funders

fundersVerizon donates $20,000!

Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels has donated space and discounted rates to the NMCL as an in-kind contribution for its Annual Meeting and Conference, 2011, and most recently for its press conference in Santa Fe to raise awareness about the cause. Heritage Hotels

KOAT-TV Channel 7

KOAT-TV Channel 7 sponsors the NMCL’s toll-free adult literacy hotline, a phone number for any inquiries concerning literacy in New Mexico (just call 1-800-233-7587!).  The station also sponsors public service announcements promoting literacy efforts in the state and news anchor, Shelly Ribando, serves on the NMCL’s advisory council.


Minute Man Press

Minute Man Press contributed free printing services of the NMCL’s promotional items and has graciously offered to continue its support of adult literacy. Minute Man Press

New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs is a source of fiscal resources for both the New Mexico State Library and the NMCL. The NM Department of Cultural Affairs allocates resources through an annual appropriation foe adult literacy services from the New Mexico State Legislature.


New Mexico State Library

As our liaison with the New Mexico state government, the New Mexico State Library provides us with a generous share of fiscal resources.  In addition, the NMCL and NMSL will work to partner with each other and local libraries and literacy programs on join projects in support of literacy and reading.

New Mexico State Library

NM Department of Labor

The NMCL has done a number of special projects for the NM Department of Labor and the NMCL supports local programs in their projects with the Workforce Investment Act. This partnership firmly demonstrates the necessary connection between literacy and employment. NMDWS

PNM Resources Foundation

The PNM Resources Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities served by the subsidiaries of PNM Resources, with a focus on education, environmental awareness and education, economic vitality and employee engagement.  The NMCL is proud to welcome PNM back to the ranks of its distinguished funders; the Foundation awarded the NMCL a grant for its Training and Technical Assistance Program, which isone of its core services.


Sulica Fund

The Sulica Fund has supported volunteer tutor training to new tutors since 2006! Trainings have been offered throughout New Mexico in Basic Literacy and English as a Second language thanks to their philanthropy.  Sulica

Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation is focused on improving education, health care and sustainability through philanthropy.  For many years, the Verizon Foundation has supported adult literacy providers through its competitive grant-making program.  The NMCL is pleased to have received support from Verizon for its Training and Technical Assistance Program during a time of limited resources, as well. Verizon

Western Commerce Bank

Western Commerce Bank has been a generous supporter of adult literacy throughout the years. President Don Kidd has named the NMCL as a collaborating partner in the Don and Sarrah Endowed Chair of Literacy’s efforts at New Mexico State University, as well. WesternCommerce